Monday, December 31, 2012

Hong Kong!!!

We finally made it! Thailand was great, once we got done being sick. I would try to recap, but honestly then I would just get behind on Hong Kong. And if you're reading this, you're probably more interested in that anyway.

Last night we had planned to arrive in Macau, a short ferry ride away, and get to our hotel in Hong Kong. The ferry boat had other plans - was all full til 2:30am, no way to know if hotel would let us check in then, whole long frustrarting story ends in staying in a fancy suite in a best western (kept the free stuff, of course) as it was the cheapest room left for the night. Yay new years?

But now, we are in our lovely beautiful room in Hong Kong! We are near Victoria Peak and the SOHO district, for those who like maps. Very trendy, very international. Looking for a lunch spot we passed everything you can imagine except anything from Africa. And honestly, that's probably everything that you would have imagined. Seriously, had lunch at a French bistro, but passed Italian, Indian, Chinese, Argentinean, Lebanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, American, Thai.... It goes on.

And now my cursor won't go to after what I typed, but time to shower and get dressed to go out for New Year!!! Happy 2013 to all! (pretend this was at the end. Thanks.)

Jon of course does not have time for much detail, like how monstrous the buildings are. Well, tall, but skinny. The one we're in has room for just 3 rooms per floor (and they're neatly packed in) with the elevator and stairs, and is 26 stories. Whoa

Saturday, December 22, 2012

We made it!!!

Well, after over 28 hours of traveling, we landed in Phuket, Thailand. Really, I didn't know what to expect and it still seems kind of unreal. The only thing that makes me think that it IS real is that our bags were lost. Yep, both of us. So.... We got to deal with that til 3 am, and then had to find a hotel close to the airport because it was too late to go out to where we are actually staying. Which means that we spent a chunk of our first day buying flip flops and underwear and clothes. Gee, thanks air china. They said they can get them to us on the 24th and will bring them to the hotel. Um, yeah, you had better!!

I think that's it for now, I just wanted to let a large portion of people know we made it safely. Also, I can't get into my regular email for some reason, so email my school mail if you have it. If I remembered t and v's email right, I emailed them, so you could ask them. Time to look for dinner!